Financial Accounting
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Financial Accounting

By Ainapure , Ainapure

Publishers : Manan Prakashan

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Book: Financial Accounting
Author: Ainapure , Ainapure
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Manan Prakashan
Edition: latest
Language: English

Content 1. COMPANY ACCOUNTS (including provisions of Companies Act relevant to the specific sub topics) 1.1 Shares (Objectives, Accounting, Presentation, Disclosure) (i) Shares & Share Capital. (ii) Issue of Shares - by different modes IPO, Private Placements, Preferential, Rights, ESO, SWEAT and ESCROW Account. (iii) Issue of shares at par, premium and discount. (iv) Application for shares including minimum subscription, price band. (v) Allotment of shares including over and under subscription and calls in arrears/received in advance. (vi) Issue of shares for cash including forfeiture and reissue of forfeited shares. (vii) Issue of shares for consideration other than cash. (viii) Capitalisation of reserves & issue of bonus shares. 1.2 Debentures (Objectives, Accounting, Presentation, Disclosure) (i) Issue of Debentures at par, premium and discount. (ii) Issue of Debentures with consideration of Redemption. (iii) Issue of Debentures for cash receivable in instalments or at a time. (iv) Issue of Debentures for consideration other than cash. 1.3 Redemption of Preference Shares (i) Company Law / Legal Provisions for Redemption. (ii) Sources of redemption including divisible profits and proceeds of fresh issue of shares. (iii) Premium on redemption from security premium and profits of company. (iv) Capital Redemption Reserve A/c - creation and use. 1.4 Redemption of Debentures (including purchase or buy back of own debentures) (i) By payment from sources including out of capital and / or out of profits. (ii) Debenture redemption reserve & debenture redemption sinking fund excluding insurance policy. (iii) By conversion into new class of shares or debentures with options including at par, premium and discount. (iv) Purchase / buy back of own debentures for immediate cancellation or holding including ex and cum interest for purchase / sale price (excluding brokerage thereon.) 1.5 Buy Back of Equity Shares (i) Company Law / Legal Provisions (including related restrictions, power, transfer to capital redemption reserve account and prohibitions). (ii) Compliance of conditions including sources, maximum limits and debt equity ratio. 1.6 Amalgamation of Companies (w.r.t. AS 14) (excluding inter company holdings) (i) In the nature of merger and purchase with corresponding accounting treatments of pooling of interests and purchase methods respectively. (ii) Computation and meaning of purchase consideration. (iii) Problems based on purchase method of accounting only. 1.7 Capital Reduction and Internal Reconstruction (i) Need for reconstruction and Company Law provisions. (ii) Distinction between internal and external reconstructions. (iii) Methods including alteration of share capital , variation of share holder rights, sub division, consolidation, surrender and reissue/cancellation, reduction of share capital, with relevant legal provisions and accounting treatments for same. 1.8 Ascertainment and Treatment of Profit Prior to Incorporation with : (i) Principles for ascertainment (ii) Preparation of separate and combined and columnar profit & loss a/c including different basis of allocation of expenses / incomes. 1.9 Preparation of Final Accounts of Companies (i) Relevant provisions of Companies Act related to Final Account (excluding cash flow statement) (ii) Vertical and horizontal formats of profit & loss a/c and balance sheet. (iii) AS 1 in relation to final accounts of companies (disclosure of accounting policies) 2. INVESTMENT ACCOUNTING w.r.t. AS 13 2.1 (a) For shares (variable income bearing securities) (b) For debenture bonds etc. (fixed income bearing securities) 2.2 Accounting for transactions of purchase & sales of investments with ex & cum interest prices & finding cost of investment sold & carrying cost as per weighted average method. 2.3 Columnar format for investment account. 3. ACCOUNTING FOR TRANSLATION OF FOREIGN CURRENCY TRANSACTIONS VIDE AS 11 (EXCLUDING FOREIGN BRANCHES & FORWARD EXCHANGE CONTRACTS AND HEDGING CONTRACTS 3.1 In relation to purchase & sale of goods, services and assets and loan and credit transactions. 3.2 Computation and treatment of exchange differences

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